This warranty is your exclusive warranty and there are no warranties that extend beyond the description contained here. Our Limited Warranty does not cover transportation arrangements and charges. Ozark Trail Highline 12V Electric Cooler 26 Quart (25L), Gray, Ozark Trail 52 Quart High Performance Hard Sided Chest Cooler, Gray, Indoor or outdoor cooler with roto-molded, seamless, one-piece construction with UV-resistant exterior, Air-tight, super-seal gasket keeps the cold in and the heat out, Ice chest includes garden hose compatible, oversized drain, Industrial strength stainless steel locking plate with built-in bottle opener, Ice cooler includes wire basket for storage and organization, Certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. Due to these variables, the ice retention can range from a couple of days and last up to 10+ days. Eco-friendly Cooling: Environmentally-friendly insulated cooler is made of food-grade materials to keep your drinks and snacks cool without electricity. The constant color feature among the two are the orange rimmed wheels which I dont love but, it is not a deal breaker. The rotomolding process entails heating plastic pellets which coat the interior of a mold while it is spun around in a number of different directions at a very consistent pace. Please carefully review any online care instructions for proper use and care. The case is guaranteed to be water resistant up to 3 feet under water for 30 minutes. This is why coolers are generally placed in the entry way. This comes thanks to both the large, insulated area as well as storage pockets on the front and/or sides. 10. They are also available in different materials such as plastic, stainless steel, wood, glass, and aluminum. So if youre looking to buy a new cooler, here are seven problems with Ozark Trail coolers that you need to know about before making your purchase.I hope you found this helpful and informative. If you buy a used cooler from someone who didnt take care of it properly, chances are it will warp. Both approaches work the same from our experience. Log In to be able to add this product to your Wish List. RTIC is not responsible items lost in transit. Stay in the know about upcoming promotions, new product releases, in-store events, and more! Proof of purchase must be provided upon request in order to verify warranty coverage. Factory seconds, discounted or second-hand products or products purchased from third party retailers such as those on Amazon or on eBay are not covered by our warranty. A safe, well-planned, and fun trip with the right equipment, clothing, and supplies should always be your goal. ActionHub // Oftentimes, this basket doesnt come with the cooler and costs extra as an accessory. Ozark Trail is one of the most common brands we have been asked about as a potential Yeti replacement. Our sister site recently reviewed a hiking backpack sold by Ozark Trail that had an overall stellar performance and it triggered a question among our staff. As for color options, there are just two: white and silver. Free shipping for many products! Warranties vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the product. If your request for warranty service is past the 30-Day Free Return Period, you will be responsible for the costs associated with shipping the defective item(s) to the RTIC Returns Service Center located in Houston TX. A rating 9 means that the product is amazing and meets the minimum requirements of excellence. If you live in Florida, then you might be wondering if Publix sells Dry Ice.Publix is a grocery store chain based out of Georgia. Product Description: The Ozark Trail 36 Can Leak Proof RF Welded Cooler is designed for serious outdoor fun. The ice life, well not bad, was not near what Ozark Trail stated in their specifications. I also placed a small weather system on the deck rail to help get a sense of how hot surface temperatures are in the area. The premium models step up the game both in available features as well as build quality. A rating of 10 means that the product is the best and meets the minimum requirements for perfection. There are also molded drink holders (4 on the 52 and 73-quart models and 2 on the 26-quart model). 10 Problems With Lifetime Coolers Read This Before You Buy, 10 Problems With Hydro Flask Bottles Read Before Buying. Check The Warranty Period 11. Ozark Trail is a brand name of outdoor products manufactured by Yeti Coolers. The Ozark Trail Welded Cooler's exterior is waterproof and puncture resistant with a 100% leak-proof seal. Also, dont forget about warranties. And many of them utilize essentially the same construction techniques, features, and ice life. Well, its not!Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide CO2 that has been used since the early 1900s. 12. The conditions for the test were, in my opinion perfect. Its free and easy to post ads and get responses from people who are selling coolers. Check the Warranty Answer: Coolers come with warranties, but if youre buying used, check the warranty period. I will often load a large cooler up at the beginning of the week and leave it on my Pontoon packed with drinks and ice. This hard-sided rugged cooler features a heavy-duty waterproof exterior that is resistant to mildew punctures and UV Rays and has a food-grade hard-liner interior. The Ozark Trail Cooler series is trying to make some waves by taking all of the good things about high-end coolers (long ice life, tough construction, plenty of features) and avoiding the primary bad thing (expensive). All warranty claims of any nature are barred if the carrying case has been altered or changed in any way. It has a convenient carry handle, and the surface is crack and scratch resistant. Cheap coolers are usually not worth the money. It is a very useful appliance. On paper, this is the perfect high-end cooler. A thermal cooker is a stovetop appliance that cooks food using heat generated by steam pressure.Im going to compare both types of cookers and explain you why you should choose, Read More Thermal Cooker vs Slow Cooker Which is BetterContinue. You will find an overhead stainless steel handle with a comfort grip on the 26-quart model and the 52/73-quart models will come with heavy-duty side handles with comfort grips. But you can anticipate the walls to be between 2.5 and 3 thick. It is a great choice if you are looking for a durable cooler. One is the 24 can soft sided cooler and the . The interior features high performance thermal insulation for long-lasting cold and a removable hard liner and shelf with built-in Microban antimicrobial protection. Ice Retention Warranty: RTIC will replace or fix your cooler/drinkware if no ice is remaining after the minimum number of days/hours your coolers/drinkware should be holding ice based on the following control procedures. Another great feature is mobility. This cooler is not only smaller in its overall size but also a fraction of the price of the competition. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW: (A) THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE; (B) ALL OTHER IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND ANY LIABILITY NOT BASED UPON CONTRACT ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED AND EXCLUDED; AND (C) IN NO EVENT SHALL RTIC BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, OR SPECIAL DAMAGES, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER A CLAIM FOR SUCH DAMAGES IS BASED ON WARRANTY, CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE. We display the results in the chart below: As is expected, the larger hard-sided coolers had a clear advantage over the soft-sided coolers. It is easy to carry around because of its lightweight design. He is an avid outdoorsman and has hunted for large game across the United States including Alaska, Texas and his home state of Michigan. This helps to minimize the change of corrosion or breaking, even after many years of use. The warranty does not cover the foam or any contents of the case. You can get this cooler in three colors, Tan which is featured here, as well as graphite and white. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Leave No Trace is a national education program devoted to minimizing the impact on natural area resources. Lifetime coolers are rated from 1 to 10 based on how well they perform. You get to enjoy one of the best cooler bargains in the industry right now. The warranty is valid for the original retail purchaser and is not transferable and only applies if purchased directly from RTIC, on our website, or from RTIC as the seller on In addition to this, Ozark Trail also has some more mainstream designs for those who are simply on a tight budget and looking for a product to pack their lunch or picnic in. It is affordable. But this does come at a cost (outside of money). AllOutdoor // Can You Use a Yeti Cooler To Keep Food Warm or Hot? Apply it all around the zipper and unzip and. For information on ticks and tickborne diseases, see information from the Centers for Disease Control. TheFirearmBlog // And the premium cooler backpack and cooler tote take this up a notch by having an EVA compression molded base. Products repaired or replaced under this warranty may or may not incorporate these changes. It is important to know what type of warranty applies to the item you are buying. In which case, congratulations! When you are out on the water, people often sneak over to grab something from the cooler and may not latch it back up. It is easy to move around. Case must be properly closed with no defects or damage to the O-ring gasket or valve to fully cover warranty. Do you ever find yourself wondering how to keep your cooler cold without ice? An example of the color choices for the popular 24-can soft cooler is shown in the image below. Pros: Great Asking Price, Large Selection, Decent Ice Life in Premium Models, Cons: Cheaper models lack in performance, A few quality issues, Features: Multiple storage pockets, Expandable top, Multiple carrying methods, Built-in bottle opener, Removable hardliner, Daisy chain attachment point, Compression strap. You can get the Tundra Haul in 4 colors and Yeti has been know to introduce more colors across their cooler lines throughout the year. There may be some subtle grays or white pieces of fabric but, for the most part, the primary color will dominate. This cooler, when compared to the Pelican 45Q Elite and Yeti Tundra, has the smallest profile while still providing 45Q internal storage. We love when cooler companies include a bottle opener as there are few times when you are outdoors that somebody wont need one! Look for quality construction and materials. Still, if you happen to get an ice chest that has these kinks ironed out, you will enjoy a solid competitor. 14. You can almost think of them as 80% of a Yeti for 25% of the price! The results are solid, with ice life varying from around 2 days and up to 5 days on the larger models. As far as coolers go, there is not a ton of innovation that can be done to enhance the rotomolding process itself, so most companies will focus on their end products design to set them apart from the competition. Check Out Its Energy Efficiency Ratings, 12. The most affordable models, the non-premium soft-sided coolers, come in a very safe, solid color. These programs protect you from buying a product that doesnt work properly within a certain period of time. Dont Buy a Cheap One Answer: Cheaper coolers tend to break down quickly. The Yeti has the most streamlined design of the three coolers, staying true to the original Yeti look and feel. But lets face it: they are extremely expensive! We like the sharp edges and progressive appearance of the Ozark Trail Coolers. Read More How To Keep a Cooler Cold Without Ice?Continue, Im sure youve seen these cups before but did you know theres a scientific reason behind their popularity?These tumblers are designed to keep your drinks cold longer than regular glasses. 5. Missouri is home to 51 different species of snakes. Not only will the rubber allow for a slightly smoother roll when you are pull this cooler along, but it will also be quieter. Overall, we are satisfied with the aesthetics. Coolers are great for keeping drinks cold for long periods of time. Look For A Good Deal 9. While some brands will have the base of the T be what catches the pin, Ozark Trail has instead decided to have a hole in the middle of the latch that catches onto the pin. Yeti coolers are great for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, snowboarding, skiing, and other outdoor sports. More information on restrictions can be found on each individual Trail Section Page. They have harnessed this into their small but potent lineup of hard-sided coolers. Yes, the Ozark Trail coolers have a limited 5 year warranty. Ozark Coolers does offer a lifetime warranty on all of their hard-sided coolers. And while we are on the subject of the premium soft-sided coolers, there are a few additional features specific to them. This Intex King Comfort Plush Elevated Airbed with Built-In Pump ensures heavenly shut-eye whether you are camping, on vacation, or have guests in your home.This airbed features a built-in 120V pump that When readers buy our reviewed picks, we earn affiliate commissions that help to support the site. This locking plate also doubles as a bottle opener. The other two colors will have different rims and accents, so if you dont love the orange you have options. Get One With A Built In Ice Maker, If youre looking for a good deal on a cooler, check out Most coolers come in only two sizes 48 inches and 52 inches. This can include things such as premature leaking, warping of the lid, and stitching coming undone. There are three common markings that are widely used throughout the trail system, with the most common being the white and green Ozark Trail assurance markers (pictured). Ozark Trail 12-Can Premium Cooler Being a premium cooler, you'd expect the 12 can model to cost a lot more than $50 but it doesn't. Accordingly, this model measures around 17 x 10.9 x 8.5 inches which is a decent size for daily commuters and 9 to 5 workers who really need that lunch to be hot & drinks to be frosty in time. Is Dry Ice Edible What Happens If You Eat Dry Ice? Because of this, their ice life will be severely limited. We can even take it outside when it gets hot. In the event that your cooler is defective, Ozark Coolers will either repair or replace it free of charge. The more capable premium models should keep ice for up to a day and a half. Discover more about the small businesses partnering with Amazon and Amazons commitment to empowering them. This cooler has a number of features that you would find on more expensive coolers and a few that you wont find. It does not cover normal wear and tear, nor does it cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, or lack of proper care. You may also encounter signs containing a white hiker silhouette on a brown background (also pictured) or a silver diamond, both of which are used as U.S. Forest Service trail markers. Yes, the Ozark Trail coolers have a limited 5 year warranty. In terms of wall thickness, it varies from size to size. Used appliances usually cost less than new ones because manufacturers offer warranties on used products. This cooler also comes equipped with a removable, easy-to-clean plastic hardliner and showcases the Ozark Trail . For any insect repellents, follow manufacturers application instructions. Once the return is received at our warehouse, please allow 2 weeks for us to process your warranty return. My own personal beverage drama every summer has really pushed me to do this review. Also, there is nothing in the way of custom colors, decals, etc. Most people buy a cooler based on how much ice they think they will need. In fact, some of them arent even worth their price tag. Normal wear and tear (including chips and scratches, abrasions, discolorations or fading due to usage or exposure to sunlight or washing) is not covered by our warranty. Maybe youll get lucky and receive one without these problems. To contact our Consumer Service Department: Consumer service toll free number: 1-888-413-COOL (2665) Consumer service Warranty Service Center: [ Customer Support ] This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Report incorrect product . Its better to buy a good cooler now and save money later. Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler, Ozark Trail Premium Backpack Cooler, Gray. Consider Its Warranty Coverage. It is suitable for any type of activity. As is typical of most other cooler brands, the smaller coolers will utilize an overhead carrying handle while the larger coolers will stick to traditional side rope handles. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us. And when you fill it up with drinks, food, and ice, it can weigh 100 pounds or more! 12 Problems With Ozark Trail Tumbler Cups and Mugs, Lifetime Coolers vs Ozark Trail Which Cooler Is Better Value, Where Are Ozark Trail Coolers and Tumblers Made USA or. Ill be totally honest, I was not expecting this cooler to be as nice as it was. Outside Thread Diameter 2.25", Overall Diameter 2.75". Rather, they are a good companion for a lunch outing or small picnic. 26-quart coolers have no drain plug, making it difficult to clean. There are many variables that will affect ice retention including pre-chilling the cooler, the ice quality, ice quantity, type of ice, outside environment, exposure to sunlight, etc. These feet help to protect the paint or finish on your table, truck bed, or floor. The Ozark Trail Soft Cooler lineup is a solid contribution to this ever-growing company. That is still plenty impressive and should meet most peoples needs. TheCoolerZone tests and reviews various coolers to find the best products for you. It is a type of container that can hold refrigerated cargo. Both are Ozark Trail brand. And Ozark Trails diverse selection of coolers means that we are going to have results that are all over the place. Please be sure to check the printed flyers available from the Missouri Department of Natural Resourcesfor more safety and guidelines. These are very impressive numbers, but how accurate are they? The Ozark Trail manufacturer claims that the cooler they made is certified to be bear-resistant. So it is no surprise that Ozark Trail Coolers have achieved an IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee) seal of approval. If so, then you should read this before buying!There are lots of coolers out there but not all of them are created equal. Pros: Great Value, Plenty of Features, Good Ice Retention, Cons: Some Quality Issues, Few Color Choices, Features: Stainless steel locking plate/bottle opener, Anti-skid feet, Threaded drain plug, Wire basket, Integrated drink holders, Fish ruler. Via phone: (573) 436-0540. Arctic Zone Products. Please note we may require you to submit pictures of you performing the following control tests and provide us with the results. It is UV resistant and waterproof. It is suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, and other outdoor activities. Every model will come with at least one separate zippered pocket and many will have multiple zippered pockets in addition to mesh side pockets. Does Publix Sell Dry Ice Price of Dry Ice at Publix? Instead of trying to create a lower-range or mid-range model, Ozark Trail has attempted to incorporate many of the features you are used to seeing in brands like Yeti, RTIC, and Engel, but at a much lower asking price. Specifically, the smaller models will have ice life that starts at just a couple of hours and creeps up to around half a day. It is made from quality materials. You are a bit lacking in color choices, however. These are perfect for sticking your cell phone, keys, wallet, or anything else that you dont want to get potentially cold and/or wet in the insulated area. Also, you will find a larger variety of layouts and cooler types. Having a separate freezer compartment also helps prevent food from spoiling. The overall product weight of this cooler is 37lbs empty which is inline with the Pelican, but 7lbs heavier than the Ozark Trail cooler. Used appliances usually cost less than new ones because manufacturers offer warranties on used products. If you have a boat and bring kids or friends on the water, you know that once you leave the dock the requests for drinks start rolling in fast and furious. $16.99 (5 new offers) Ozark Trail 12 Ounce Double Wall Can Cooler Cup, Silver Top - 2 Pack Stainless Steel 4.6 (194) $3139 ($15.70/Count) FREE delivery Mar 14 - 17 More Buying Choices $18.00 (4 new offers) Insulated Backpack Cooler, 12-Can By Ozark Trail (Blue and Grey) 3.2 (28) Save 21% $2999$37.99 Lowest price in 30 days FREE delivery Mon, Mar 13 Does Ozark Trail have a warranty? Theme: Camp. It is worth noting that various models will have differing numbers of color choices. This is about average among premium coolers that we have tested in the past. When it comes to buying a rotomolded cooler, is price a good gauge on quality? Melting ice is the last thing you want to worry about when you're out in the woods, on the boat or kicking back at the beach. Having structure is important for protection in soft-sided coolers. Warranty documents are your original sales receipt (should be kept in a safe place after installation) and the Serial number on the tank of the replacement unit. The lower-end soft-sided coolers struggled some with holding ice. For instance, a refrigerator with a freezer compartment allows you to store frozen items such as ice cream and frozen vegetables. Yeti Hard Sided vs Yeti Soft Sided Coolers Which Is The Better Buy. But if you need something to last for a full weekend without having to top off with more ice, you may be a bit disappointed. Coolers are used to store ice and cold drinks. If you encounter these signs posted at an angle, this marks a curve in the trail, along with the direction of the curve. Currently, you can choose between a 6-can cooler, 12-can cooler, 24-can cooler, 36-can cooler, 42-can cooler, premium backpack cooler, and premium tote cooler. A premium cooler is heavy, to begin with. 2. Ozark Trail is pretty quiet about ice life on all but their hard-sided coolers. The Ozark Trail cooler is made from polyethylene, which is the most common kind of plastic in use today. You can choose between 26-quart, 52-quart, and 73-quart options. The Ozark Trail 45 Qt Rolling Thermocooler also comes with an internal tray, which the other two do not. To that end, I thought I would put a couple of the most common rotomolded coolers up against what is arguably the most budget friendly option on the market, the Ozark Trail 45QT Rolling Thermocooler. Microban is built-in protection that is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the product. I spend a great deal of time on the water every summer boating and fishing in Northern Michigan. And the construction utilizes proven rotomolding technology and stainless steel hardware. It is very durable and reliable. Learn more about how this works. They include built-in bottle openers, daisy chain attachment points, compression strap, thicker insulation, and a wash-friendly 600D outer coating. The sharp edges and attractive features make it an eye-catcher. It is easy to maintain. For mobility, you will find that most models have a padded shoulder strap. For the fishermen out there, you will enjoy the molded-in fish ruler on the lid of the cooler. These are IGBC certified and that certification isnt possible without a tough product. The mold is kept on the move during both the heating and coating phases as well as the cooling phase. Sleep is good for the soul and you should be comfortable wherever you close your eyes at night. Ozark Trail has an increasingly popular lineup of hard-sided coolers, soft-sided coolers, and drinkware. The shoulder strap adjusts to different lengths to make it easy to carry. All of the ice retention features that we like to see in a premium cooler are here: rotomolded construction, freezer-grade gasket, and powerful T-latches. Welded, stitch-free seams throughout the cooler provide durable, all weather protection. The tote and cooler backpack look much more progressive but are limited to just one color choice. Sure, if we were to fill the cooler up to the brim with nothing but ice, never open it, and leave it in a cool/dark area, the ice life would go way up. Use caution when crossing streams and other natural trail obstacles. Easy fix is to use lip balm! I agree to the processing of my data in accordance with the conditions set out in the policy of Privacy. It is very durable and easy to clean. After determining the unit is defective, and at Ozark discretion, we will either replace the unit . Buy A Refrigerator With A Water Dispenser Ozark Trail 30-Quart Refrigerators, Refrigerators with built-in water dispensers are convenient because they allow you to fill up your glass bottles right from the refrigerator. These coolers are usually made from plastic and are not as durable as the Ozarks.
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